wilhelmina katrina arsenault

materializing artwork from the soul, entity, inner self, intuition, whatever you call it... in the wee hours of just before dawn.
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Late night drawing

My new sounds:

#montreal #alley #music.

A video of me playing under an overpass in Montreal with a battery powered amp and my microKorg. Video and audio recorded with my go pro. Video edited with final cut. Audio a little windy and ambient and untouched.

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help out our friends carmella and mandy who recently had a house fire and need help with a new beginning by downloading this album we put together and donating what you can!

i can’t sit still

sit still

my dreams creep into waking life

awake life




some place new

venture into adventure

away from me


My new sounds:

My new sounds:

Balcony garden #hymenocallis #peruvian #daffodil and #dahlia

#rose happy valentines all ya’ll